“Mine will not leave me. I believe this “: Yulia Peresild

Julia Peresild for Rado

The actress like her son, the mother of two daughters, the trustee of the Galchonok fund and the envoy of Rado, 33-year-old Julia Peresild, just presented two premieres: the play “The Sunny Line” based on the play by Ivan Vyrypaev and the horror film “Envelope” by producer Konstantin Buslov. Tatler asked Julia how she managed everything, and received an honest answer – “no way”. But the time Peresild definitely spends not in vain.

Why is the “Sunny Line” a special spectacle? 
It is very important that this play was written by Vanya Vyrypaev. I treat his dramaturgic talent with great tenderness and respect. During the first reading, I did not know either Ryzhakov ( Viktor Ryzhakov, director of the performance and the artistic center of the Vsevolod Meyerhold Center  ), nor Burkovsky ( Andrei Burkovsky, actor.) In the play Julia and Andrei play spouses who can not understand in any way each other.– Note. editor). Victor Anatolyevich himself read the text, I must say, he absolutely genius does it. We laughed and cried. Further questions did not arise, I wanted to start rehearsing quickly. This is probably the heaviest release of the performance in my life. Because with all the genius of the text, it was not so simple as I thought. This is some kind of new kind of theater for me. The theater of the word, in which one does not need to play, as we are accustomed to. Artists always want to bring something in their head, but it’s such clever and self-sufficient text that you need to play and, as they say, do not spoil it.
The first time with your participation comes horror (“Envelope”). Do you have a season of experiments? 
This is an interesting and new experience for me. “Envelope” – rather a psychological thriller. During the filming, we often discussed: how to play the scene to save tension. You think not only about how to play well, but how to keep the viewer in suspense. We have to direct the acting ambitions so that they work on the plot.
Julia Peresild
And in life there are mystical subjects? 
I believe in signs. You can first and do not understand what they are. But when something happens, you think: “I felt it!” Even Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol has the phrase “yours will not go away from you.” So, when I received the script for Envelope, I could not act anymore, I had performances. I read the script, and I really liked it. I felt that I wanted to play it. And suddenly the day passes, almost all tours are canceled.
There are also more global things. On the fourth year of GITIS, all students went to the theater. I sat with the girls in the dressing room and said: “And I do not want to, just do not go-hoo!” They told me: “Then you’ll go back to Pskov.” “Maybe I’ll go,” I answered. -Meach to work with such directors as Serebrennikov, with actors such as Mironov. ” After a while I sit in my room, I eat chips, watch “Imitating the victim” for the seventh time, slowly collect things in Pskov, because the dormitory is soon closed. And then they call me: “Excuse me, but could you not meet with Cyril Serebrennikov today?” I thought that my classmates joked, I said: “Are you kidding?” They tell me that I’m in “Figaro”. I ask: “And who is Figaro?” It turns out that Yevgeny Mironov. Until now, I am very careful about all proposals, I’m afraid of losing myself.
Rado, it seems, is the only brand with which you agreed to cooperate, why? 
I went to Switzerland, met these people and realized that they are the absolute fans of their business. I like that these are simple, not pretentious watches – they have much more inside than outside. Their minimalistic design appeals to me.
In Julia - watch Rado HyperChrome Diamonds from plasma high-tech ceramics with diamonds.
In Julia – watch  Rado HyperChrome Diamonds  from plasma high-tech ceramics with diamonds.
What is your relationship with time? 
This is the most precious thing that I have. (And, by the way, Rado is my most expensive accessory). When people ask me: “Can you give me half an hour?”, I think: “I can give you anything, but time does not exist.” I’m very scrupulous about time. I try not to be late, because a person spends precious time on me. In an ideal picture of the world I want to do everything so that when you go to bed in the evening, you understand that on this day you did everything in your power, did not spend a single minute for nothing.
How do you prioritize? 
First of all, these are children. I take them to school, I try to participate in their lives. When the premiere, this is the main priority. Charity brings me very great joy – the feeling that you helped someone. When before the festival “Galafest” your mother comes up to you and says that her child is waiting for this festival more than the New Year – “Because there we are special, and here we are like everyone else.” I want to cry and understand that all this is not in vain.
And what about private life? My personal life has become the personal life of children. If I’m in Moscow, then there will always be more important things to do. Boring Europe is the right place for personal life.
Leave yourself some little joys? 
I can not give up a cake for the night.
Which is your favorite? 
“The Medovik”.
Julia Peresild
Do you have a favorite proverb about time? 
The most banal: “Cause time, fun hour.” In my case, business and fun are one and the same, so “business time, fun of the day.” Like all Muscovites, I want to have 25 hours in a day.
What would you spend this extra hour for? 
I would divide up 15 minutes for everything, which usually does not have time left: 15 minutes for sports, 15 – write something good for friends, 15 more minutes – talk to someone who is far away, whom you rarely see, and extra 15 I would read fairy tales to my children.
Julia PeresildJulia PeresildIn Julia - a watch Rado True Blaze from high-tech plasma ceramics.
In Julia – a watch Rado True Blaze from high-tech plasma ceramics.
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