So what is it good? 9 plus missionary posture

1. From it you can quickly move to oral sex

It’s already upstairs and you just need to push it a little in the right direction.

2. Lie down and imagine yourself on a nudist beach

Your efforts in this pose are minimal , so that you can rest in the desired scenery and enjoy the male attention.

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3. You can fondle yourself

Free hands can be put on his shoulders , and you can touch your fingers to the clitoris and get a little more pleasure.

4. You can move it

If you want it to move to the side , down or change the angle of the entrance , you can not say anything , but just point it with your hand.

5. He will not be disturbed by your hair

If they are long , then , when you’re on top , they hang down and covered his face , tickling his shoulders – well , anything good. And in a missionary position, this simply can not be.

6. You can suddenly kiss

Your faces are quite similar , that at any moment it was possible to kiss each other on the cheek or lips.

7. You can touch his buttocks

And at the same time make an innocent look: oh , the hand itself got there , I do not control it at all! And he just likes it.

8. Views meet

This is the best position for those , who like to watch each other’s eyes and read emotions from people. It’s really interesting!

9. Conveniently , when he’s around

The weight of his body ( or rather , the embrace) acts as a warm blanket , and you are very pleased. This is great!

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