100 Movie Challenge: # 68 The White God


04 October 2017

Hungarian film drama with elements of a thriller The “White God” filmed by Cornel Mundruts in 2014, was awarded several awards at the Cannes Film Festival: the “Special View” program and a special award to the main dog -actor “The Dog’s Palm Branch”. Also, the film received the “European Film Academy” award in the “People’s Choice Award” nomination.

# 68: The White God / Fehér isten

Movies about animals often touch viewers with the cleverness of our smaller brothers and their sincere devotion and loyalty. But the “White God” is not a Hollywood tear-squeezing melodrama in the style of “Hatiko” and “Marley and I”, but a serious author’s film that raises an important social problem of homeless animals. The creators of the film clearly show that even from the most affectionate domestic puppy, street survival conditions can make a completely dangerous beast, awakening the animal instincts of self-preservation. Our four-legged hero was on the street not on his own. He was literally pushed out of the car to the mercy of fate. The thing is that his young mistress is forced to temporarily live with a strict father who clearly does not sympathize with our younger brothers. And when soc. workers say that a pet should be registered and pay some kind of tax there, then it’s easier for the father to get rid of the problem by handing the dog to a shelter for the homeless or simply throwing it outside, which they actually did. From this moment for Hagen, a harsh adventure begins.

First of all, the film causes resentment and a sense of injustice towards the dog. That’s how you can be so insensitive to throw a living creature on the street, like unnecessary trash? Especially Hagen was very obedient and intelligent dog, which did not cause any unnecessary trouble. Most of all I liked how the director showed the world through the eyes of a dog. The camera literally walked in the footsteps of Hagen. In the world of people there were too many dangers from an endless stream of buzzing cars to a butcher with a knife and a soc. workers, driving co-workers into cages. Here you not only watch with interest the fate of Hagen, but you begin to understand better the psychology of the homeless animal, where the legs of aggressiveness grow. In general, this is for sure that the dog is biting only from the life of a dog. Even somehow it becomes a shame that a trusting dog gets a betrayal from different people several times.

The shooting is really delicious. When a flock of dogs runs through the city, even through the screen is passed adrenaline. It’s unpleasant to watch scenes of violence against animals, but you can not erase words from a song. I do not understand those people who enjoy the dog fights. To me, only growling and whining are enough, but to look at mutilated animals and in reality is unpleasant. In general, for animals it is much more interesting to observe than for humans. The dogs really played! They were actually frightened, growled, ran away like professional actors. Surely not a single animal was hurt on the set, but it looked as realistic as possible. I also liked the episode when animals listened to music. This bewitching spectacle only emphasizes that four-legged friends are also able to feel. The final, as I expected, remained open, so everyone will come up with the ending himself. For example, I want to believe that caress and care can heal any wounds.

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