100 Movie Challenge: # 71 Vacations of little Nicolas


08 October 2017

The French comedy of Laurent Tirara of 2014 is based on the book “Vacations of the Child of Nicolas”, written by René Goscini, the author of the comics “Asterix and Obelix” and Jean-Jacques Sempe. The books have been translated into 37 languages. The stories about the “French analogue of Deniska” are a great success, so it’s not the first time that screen versions go to big screens in the world box office.

# 71: Vacations of the little Nicolas / Les vacances du petit Nicolas

I love films in which the world is shown through the eyes of children with all their exaggerated fears and zamorochki. “Little Nicolas” conquered me instantly with a really good humor, suitable for family viewing. Of course, I pre-recorded the sequel in the expected premiere and was very happy that the actors who played the parents of Nicolas remained in their places. But unfortunately, the place of Maxim Godard was occupied by Mateo Boisselier, which was an unequal substitute, in my opinion. The young man lost and in charisma, and in general looked too adult for children’s antics. But I will return to the actors below. First I want to say a few words about the plot.

This time, the action takes place in the summer, and a wonderful (set up the accent itself) the family goes to the sea. At the resort, Nicolas makes new friends and gets to know Isabelle, a taciturn girl. Parents jokingly tease children that they will make a great couple, but the naive Nicholas takes the words of adults too close to the heart. He is dreaming about another girl. And consequently it is necessary to upset wedding with the help of friends by any means. It is worth noting that the guys approached the matter with knowledge of the matter. The sad story of Nikolas about the hardships of family life really turned out funny. But still in this part was much less than the very childish spontaneity and naivety that won me the first time.

Probably, the reason for this was that adults were given much more attention than children. In principle, I do not mind, since Valeri Lemercier and Cad Mérad look great together. For their bickering you observe with no less pleasure. But the whole crew did not fit here at all. This line I did not like, although she added a couple of notes of drama and a fair dose of morality. But pleased with the abundance of bright secondary characters. Crispin’s crypt is worthy of a separate spin offa. Surely I was also such a nasty little in my childhood, which is difficult to please. A good granny with a bag of sweets is also very nice. Yes, and generally pleases the abundance of bright and sunny colors. For such a positive piece of summer, thanks a little. But leprosy could come up better and more. Do not bother too much for adults. And I repeat that from Maxim Godard was more convincing Nicolas. So be sure to look at the first part too.

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