BAFTA-2018: Angelina Jolie, Keith Middleton, Margot Robbie and other guests of the award

Movement against the Time’s Up harassment brought Kate Middleton a lot of trouble. As a token of his support, the celebrities decided to attend the BAFTA in black – as well as the Golden Globe a month before. But for the duchess the choice of this color would mean a violation of the protocol. As a member of the royal family, she must adhere to neutrality on political and ideological issues. Out of the delicate situation, Kate came out with dignity – in the dark green dress of Jenny Packham, which complemented the necklace with emeralds, and pleased everyone at once.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

The rest of the guests were, as expected, entirely in black. After collecting some of them, Tatler watched almost live. The wife of the former president of the Bank of Moscow, Tatyana Korsakova, has published all stages of her preparation for an important exit: from a cosmetologist’s visit to make-up and, most importantly, the selection of shoes and accessories for the Balenciaga dress.

Tatiana Korsakova

The absolute triumph of the award was the film directed by Martin McDonagh “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri.” He won at once in five categories: “Best Film of the Year”, “Best British Film” and “Best Original Screenplay.” Frances McDormand, who starred, won the award as Best Actress, and Sam Rockwell became Best Supporting Actor.

Gary Oldman took the prize as the best actor for playing in the drama “Dark Times”. Allison Jenny became “Best Supporting Actress” – she played in “Tonya Against All”.

Angelina Jolie
Margot Robbie
Jennifer Lawrence
Salma Hayek
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