“Bold”: Rose McGowan wrote memoirs about Harvey Weinstein

In 1997, Harvey Weinstein raped Rose McGowan. Twenty years later, she not only took an active part in the revealing investigation of The New York Times, but also wrote memoirs. “This monster” strangled me “for 20 years. Like many other women around him. He swallowed our souls and could not even make out where. All this time he hunted me. Now I’m hunting for him, “says Rose in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Fragile McGowan went through a white noise so that the world heard her accusations against Weinstein. Now the #MeToo hasht is screaming for her, and on Twitter she collected an entire army – #RoseArmy. In the queue are memoirs, which she wrote for three years.

The book Brave comes out this month, and it’s not just about Weinstein. “It’s about everyone,” says Rose. – On the whole ecosystem called “Hollywood”: suppliers, consumers, media and fans. ”

The actress tells her story in this world. Rose was born in Italy, but her parents moved to America, where they soon parted. The girl lived between two worlds, tossed between a cruel father and mother, whose boyfriends, too, could not be called pleasant people. At 13, she escaped from home, and at 15 in Los Angeles met a “golden” boy from Beverly Hills. They began to meet, but, as it turned out, he also had a weakness – to violence. Rose rushed to Hollywood, where a variety of agents pointed out to her what hair color would suit more, how to paint and what clothes to wear.

In 1997, at the Sundance Film Festival, Miramax presented the film “Going All the Way”, in which it was shot. And Harvey Weinstein insisted on her presence. He invited her to a suite in Stein Eriksen Lodge and raped. Rose tried to resist, but one of his managers told her that she must pay respect to such a big man. Details Rose left for her book, saying only that that day had become a starting point for her: “Part of me stayed somewhere out there. – When the actress left the room, she was waiting for the car, which took her straight to the red carpet. “You just got killed, and at that time millions of people look into your eyes and do not even suspect what just happened.”

In her memoirs, she recalls the case of director Robert Rodriguez. He, along with Quentin Tarantino, planned to shoot the “Grindhouse” and wanted to invite McGowan to the role. She trusted Rodriguez and told him about what Weinstein did. But Robert used the situation against her and sold Harvey’s tape: “Even in the case of Rodriguez, no matter how hard he was, it was all a collection of information. Unfortunately, I myself was a part of this data. The victim. But I always knew that the entire system is wrong and must be broken. ”

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