Fashionable riot: 5 rules of style for Anglomania

English culture is one of the most diverse in the world. It was the English who gave us progressive ideas in many spheres of art – despite the zealous respect for traditions that existed for many centuries. Only in the UK you can meet on one street punk , businessman and elderly urban madman. And all these three can be the same person – at different times of the day. It is this ability of the English to combine the incongruity that makes Misty Albion so fascinating for Anglomans from all over the world. And precisely because of this ability to one of the most prominent fashion style , appeared in the twentieth century , became the vanguard of English.


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Appearing in the 70’s as a protest against the  boring” classics , the English avant-garde has now become one of the pillars of English fashion. Bright colors , embroideries , an abundance of costume jewelery , unusual accessories ,prints , a combination of fabrics and forms – all this makes the avant-garde style noticeable , memorable and relevant to this day. Ancestor of the English avant-garde is the designer Vivienne Westwood – friend of the leader of the group  Sex Pistols”, a talented and brave lady who opened in 1971 in London a small boutique  Let It Rock ». In her store Vivien started selling informal clothes for rebellious youth , and to increase sales , she began to come up with concert images for those same  Sex Pistols”.

Vivienne Westwood turns to the audience in London’s Chelsea 26 November 2016 – the day ,when her son , the founder of the brand Provocateur is Agent , as well as the son of the group Sex Pistols manager , decided to burn the collection of punk on the ship on the Thames , celebrating the 40th anniversary of Anarchy in the UK

So , in less than ten years, the name Vivienne Westwood has become famous throughout the UK ,and the opportunity to purchase her clothes has become the dream of every fashionable rebel. Bursting onto the podium with ideas , is turned upside down the very foundations of the classic English style , Vivienne did all the rage then , that music made punks and rockers.

You want a tweed suit in a strict cage of noble wool – we stick pins and spikes into it , tear off sleeves , sew sashes and turn out pockets. The rebellious ideas about changing the world were in those years over the whole planet , and the English avant-garde style became its mouthpiece in the world of high fashion. While Westwood continued to conquer the world with its extravagant collections , its success inspired many talented fashion designers in the UK. So , the English avant-garde continued to develop with the help of Ozzy Clark , Sandra Rhodes , Celia Bertwell and other designers. However, tricks , to create exactly Vivienne Westwood , and became the  calling card” of the English style.

So how do you create an image in the style of the English avant-garde?

The most important rule is not to be afraid to combine incongruous!

Silk ruffles and jeans , lace and leather , plastic and fur – different textures , put together – it’s just that , that you need.

Streetstyle during the men’s Fashion Week in London

The second rule is unusual shapes

Spikes , studs and asymmetric cut , big collars , the illusion strange volumes , by folds – this is ,what will make your image especially memorable. Even if in the end you do not look very proportionate – this is the essence!

British blogger Susie Lau ( who is also Susie Bubble)

The following rule: more color!

Add bright accents in your image , choose a contrasting color , let it be a make-up , hair color ,cutout , pattern or piece suit , and maybe , even all together – it does not matter. The main thing is brightness!

Susie Lau

We go further – we select accessories

It is best to find more unusual accessories. Homemade , original jewelry , big pins , stripes , shoes , bags and backpacks of unusual cut and bright colors – an indispensable component of the image in the style of the English avant-garde.

Streetstyle at the men’s Fashion Week in London

And , of course , the final stage – prints!

After all, one of the main features of the English avant-garde was provocative statements and images that were applied to clothing in the most unusual places. The use of traditional symbols and images that have become virtually sacred for centuries , combined with something simple or provocative , completely changing the message of the whole image – one of the foundations of avant-garde philosophy.

Streetstyle during the men’s Fashion Week in London , January 2018

For example , the British flag ( Union Jack) itself is a very stylish image. The same can be said about one of the symbols of London – the Big Ben tower. Where they do not exist – on shirts and dresses , on sofas and circles. How did it happen? Of course , thanks to the English avant-garde ,not the patriotic classics. The classical use of the flag image for each country is approximately the same. It can be hung on the roof of a house on a festive day or depicted on paper next to an important , literate state text. Put the flag on the T-shirt – it’s already a bit  beyond the edge,” and even add to the same T-shirt some phrase or symbol , such as  Pacific” is a real shock. Now , ofcourse , such a reverent attitude to the “union jack” in the past.


But instead the flag received the adoration of Anglomans around the world , along with Big Ben , the royal family and their favorites Welsh Corgi , double-decker buses , rock music , literature and fashion , becoming one of the unspoken characters of the English avant-garde. Print with the British flag in a bright pink color and big-eared corgi in royal crown – this is almost the quintessence of all that , we love the English vanguard. Traditional symbols , combined with modern images , transferred to sweetshirts and sweatshirts , which look so good with jeans , and with light skirts – this is the basis of the image in the style of the English avant-garde from the brand Pemberley. Create your image in the style of the English avant-garde , go out into the street , amaze and turn your heads , for the philosophy of this movement is an attempt to surprise the world , which , it seems , has already seen everything.

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