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10 October 2017

Today, pink hair is no surprise. The trend, gaining momentum a couple of years ago, peaked, but we are not in a hurry to leave – more and more Western stars are painting their hair in the color of the dawn, well, we decided to find out who started this “pink madness.”

As early as the beginning of the 18th century Marie Antoinette applied a mixture of saffron, turmeric, sandalwood and rubat oil to her hair, thus achieving a “strawberry blonde”.

Kirsten Dunst in the role of Marie Antoinette in the film of the same name.

In 1964 Shirley McClain became a pioneer of the pink-haired movement – for her vivid image in the film What A Way To Go” she was nominated for the best costume, inspiring a whole generation of fuchsia lovers:

In 1978, “Briolin” came out, and besides the relationship between Danny and Sandy, there was something to see – in particular, on the bright, gum-colored wig Franchi :

In 1945 Madonna performed on Top of the Pops in a pink wig with her cult song ‘Like A Virgin’ :

A photograph of Jürgen Teller in 1998, where the star of the catwalks of the 90’s Kate Moss lay on the bed, sweeping the pink curls on the pillow, became one of the best portraits of the model.

Speaking of pink hair, one can not help recalling Gwen Stefani 1999 – soloist No Doubt proudly carried fuchsia to the masses:

In the 2004 movie “Proximity” Natalie Portman changed wigs as gloves, but this one became an inspiration not for a single Halloween costume:

In 2012, the pink flag took over the eccentric Effi Trinket from The Hunger Games, convincingly played Elizabeth Banks :

In 2013, the “pink movement” was joined by Helen Mirren who came in a new image for the awarding of awards BAFTA :

Well, then this train went (and still goes) with all the stops, and it can not be stopped!

Kate Hudson in October 2014 was painted in pink in support of the month to fight breast cancer.

Kara Delevin at the music festival Osheaga Music and Art Festival in 2015.

Bisi Philipps

Jemima Kirk

Kylie Kuoko

Mel Bee

Rita Ora

Hilary Duff

Sophie Turner

Miranda Lambert

Nicky Minaj

Julianne Hough

Haley Baldwin

Kylie Jenner

Zayn Malik

Are you ready to dye your hair pink?

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