Stars against the sun: celebrities who never sunbathe

At that time , like you are trying hard to grab more of the sun and covered with a uniform golden tan , these famous beauties said sun baths – emphatic no!

Gwen Stefani

Scarlet lipstick , platinum ringlets and snow-white skin … Gwen Stefani is a big fan of the style of Marilyn Monroe. And not only style: like Marilyn , the star avoids the sun , and never sunbathes.

Ann Hataway

Anne Hathaway has very light skin with a “scattering” of freckles. The star never tans , and for photosessions and exits on the red carpet uses a bronzer for face and body.

Dita Von Teese

Porcelain leather is the business card of Dita von Teese. The Queen of Burlesque never sunbathes , moreover , in sunny weather tries not to go out into the street.

Julianne Moore

Snow-white skin Julianne Moore prone to the appearance of freckles and age spots. The cream with the most powerful SPF – for the actress must-have at any time of the year. And if the actress appears on the beach , then only in a special suit with a long sleeve.

Charlize Theron

Despite the fact , that childhood and adolescence Charlize Theron took place in hot Africa , the actress has not made friends with the sun. Charlize wears closed clothing even in the 40-degree heat , and never leaves the house without sunscreen.

Nicole Kidman

Like Charlize Theron , the Australian beauty Nicole Kidman also grew up under the scorching sun. His snow-white skin Nicole carefully protects from the sun: the actress always uses creams with the highest factor SPF and never sunbathes.

Renata Litvinova

Red lipstick , black arrows , styling in the style of  golden Hollywood” and snow-white skin – the brand-new beauty receptions of Renata Litvinova. The star carefully looks after itself , never sunbathes , considering the sun – the first  enemy” of youth and beauty.

Lady Gaga

Stephanie Germanotta , more known to the world , as Lady Gaga exchanged black hair for a platinum blond , and an olive shade of the skin for porcelain-white. How she did it – we do not know , the queen of shocking has a secret. The star once admitted , that does not like to tan , and believes , that on her face, he looks ugly.

Scarlett Johansson

A special place in the beauty ritual Scarlett Johanson is occupied with procedures that help to maintain a flawless skin of the face and body. Milky white skin of the actress is very susceptible to the sun , so the tan for Scarlett is banned.

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