Svetlana Koroleva, Larisa Verbitskaya and others at a gastronomic dinner in La Prima


05 October 2017

“Do you love Italy as we love it were interested in the restaurant La Prima at the star guests .

Last night the capital’s beau monde tasted a new autumn menu from the chef Tamaz Amaryan and awarded the dishes his “Michelin stars”. The best, according to stellar guests, the dishes will become the flagship positions in the new restaurant menu La Prima .

The choice of the best dishes this evening was very difficult! From the names alone, her head began to spin with anticipation. When creating the menu for the restaurant La Prima the chef tried to preserve the Italian traditions, but at the same time, gave the dishes a new exquisite sound and a modern presentation.

  • Seabass carpaccio with lemon-lime sorbet
  • Ceviche from the scallop with exotic passion fruit sauce
  • Salmon tartar with poncho sauce
  • Beef tartar with poached egg
  • Warm salad with squid and squid ink
  • Ravioli with pumpkin and lemon rind
  • Ravioli with spinach and artichokes
  • Sicilian risotto with baked eggplant
  • Spaghetti with seafood in white wine
  • Seabass fillet baked with vegetables

The hospitable hostess of the Italian evening was Ekaterina Odintsova . And among the guests were:

Aurora, Evgenia Linovich, Evelina Bledans, Tatyana Vedeneeva, Larisa Verbitskaya, Renata Piotrovsky, Konstantin and Olga Andrikopulos, Inna Zhirkova, Yana Laputina and Otari Gogiberidze, Milana Koroleva, Svetlana Koroleva, Maria Lobanova and others ]


Evgenia Linovich

Evelina Bledans

Tatyana Vedeneeva

Renata Piotrowski

Konstantin and Olga Andricopoulos

Inna Zhirkova

Jana Laputina and Otari Gogiberidze

Milana Koroleva and Maria Lobanova

Svetlana Koroleva

Larissa Verbitskaya

Ekaterina Odintsova

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