Test drive and giveaway: The MakeUp Bullet


04 October 2017

What kind of sponge is now not in the beauty market! It seems that there is nothing to surprise the discerning buyer and professionals, but today we are again convinced that there is no limit to creativity and perfection. The MakeUp Bullet was created twice by the Emmy winner – a stellar make-up artist Eva Eva Jane Bunkley ) . In work on television, speed, versatility and convenience are important, and tired of giant cases with brushes, Jane decided to take matters into her own hands. So the “bullet” was born, which, as the manufacturer promises, equally well applies tonal means, and shadows, and even lipsticks, it is easy to wash, dries quickly and is extremely convenient to use due to its innovative shape.

Of course, we could not wait to test the “bullet” and make sure it really works wonders.

We immediately bribed packaging (in our there were as many as three sponge, but on sale they are and one by one) and form. After putting on The MakeUp Bullet on the finger, we started the business, testing the novelty for strength and tonal means, and bronzer, and highlighter, and shadows, and rouge, and lipstick. The tone is better placed if the sponge is lightly sprinkled with thermal water, with other creamy textures, the sponge coped perfectly and in dry form – especially it was like applying the corrector under eyes and shadows. But with loose blush it was a little more difficult to adjust, but having caught the right “dosage” everything turned out.

After use, we immediately washed the sponge with warm soapy water and left to dry. He does this, and it’s true, faster than his colleagues. Form after the “washing” is not lost, and if you look after the “bullet” as it should, then it will last at least six months.

You can buy The Make Up Bullet on cubebeauty.ru, but today three of our readers are lucky enough to win this miracle-sponge. All you need is:

1. Re-write this entry to your blog and / or social network;
2. Skip the link to the outpost in the comment to this post. You will be assigned a number according to the order in which the links are laid out. Each participant is assigned no more than three numbers but the number of outposts is unlimited.

Three winners will be selected by the electronic system for determining numbers, and the results will be announced in two weeks in the same post.

Do not forget to subscribe to @themakeupbulletrussia in order to always keep abreast of the latest news of the brand and are waiting for your feedback on the “bullet” if you already used it.

So, once or twice or three, let’s go!

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