The unknowing around the corner: 13 of his thoughts about a blind date

1. What , if they kill me?

This is a completely logical idea for anyone. Suddenly you would be wrong , they say they are. You invite him home and strangle him in a dream …

2. Suddenly we have nothing in common


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It’s awful to sit opposite each other and be silent. Especially if you both ordered several dishes in a restaurant and they are brought in very slowly.

3. Hopefully , I’ll be able to impress her

For example , a waiter stumbles , and he heroically catches a tray of drinks , not spilling a drop. Or save the child from the fire right before your eyes. It’s unlikely that there will be a fire in the same room , but anything can happen!

4. Am I wearing the right clothes?

Men on the first date do not have much choice , unless , of course , you are not going to ski or swim.

5. What if she does not like the restaurant?

This is almost the only thought , which leads many not to make dinner on a first date. On the other hand , is the choice of restaurant can significantly affect your opinion about it? It is unlikely that he will take you to a glass in the working area , agree.

6. Can I have a little drink?

In the context of the first date, this issue becomes particularly acute. Can I take two cocktails? Will not you both wait , who will order alcohol first? And if he drinks a lot , spit on everything?

7. Will she be late?

Well , if not for a very long time , otherwise he may change his mind and leave.

8. I will arrive 5 minutes early

Great option – do not have to kill time waiting for you , and you do not need to wait for it.

9. Here it is , like a pretty one

Very well , if you have real photos in your account , not solid photoshop.

10. Oh no , is this my friend at that table?

If a friend of his approach , he would have to think , what’s your name and what you do.

11. Should I kiss her or not?

If he ate enough dishes with garlic , the answer can be negative. Anyway – look at the situation ,may be , it is just shy.

12. Of course , we both ate it!

This is a good decision.

13. Do not write to her right away!

If he really wants , he ‘ll write all the same , but sooner or later you’ll both wait at least a day.

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