Astro prognosis of astrologer Olga Aristova for a week from November 6 to 12


01 November 2017

Monday November 06

A day with mixed planetary influence. The excellent aspect between Mars and the Moon will give us cheerfulness and strength, a desire to act and conquer new heights. A great day for communication and for making new contacts. But a number of complex aspects of the planets warn that attention can be scattered and it will be difficult to concentrate. Be careful with the dosage of medications, and do not abuse alcohol. Business: conduct a presentation.

Tuesday November 07

For the period from 13.40 hours to 13.45 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Creative day, today you can come to unusual creative thoughts. Include the imagination and connect to the solution of all questions that have long been postponed “to the distant box.” A great day for artists, illustrators and designers. A good day for romantic meetings and communication with a loved one. Business: refer to the management and sponsors.

Wednesday November 08

Spend the day calmly, try not to fuss and do not rush anywhere. Act slowly, and systematically. And to feel better today, find time for a walk in the fresh air and for sports. A number of aspects of the planets warn that there may be a mood swings in us and our loved ones. Children can behave more capriciously than usual. Do not emotion, this is a temporary phenomenon. Business: clean up the documents.

Thursday, November 09

For the period from 08.14 hours to 15.29 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. An interesting day, bringing new opportunities. Aspects between a number of planets indicate that today is carrying a powerful transformational energy. This means that today there will be forces to put things in order in your head and calmly understand for yourself what prevents you from moving forward, both in your personal life and in your work. A great day for meditation and spiritual practices. Business: conduct an analysis of the company’s activities.

Friday November 10

It’s an excellent Friday, a truly energy-intensive Friday afternoon! This means that you will have the desire to communicate, go out into people, attend beautiful events, meet with people who are pleasant to you. Take time to your appearance, please yourself going to the boutique or to the spa. Business: conduct promotional activities.

Saturday November 11

For a period of time from 11.56 hours to 19.42 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Today is an excellent day for learning everything new, improving skills and self-improvement. Remember all the ideas of this day, they can come in handy in the future. Take time to practice with children, spend more time with them and work with them on subjects in which they have problems.

Sunday, November 12

Quite a busy day. A lot of energy, today you can not be passive. Take up physical work or go to the gym. The surrounding people can be aggressive. Try to be patient with respect to close people. Put your house in order, throw away unnecessary items.

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