Instructions for use: polka dots


03 November 2017

“Peas” – this is almost a classic. Favorite retro print Taylor Swift is increasingly seen on shows, on western women of fashion and stars street style . However, to look modern and fresh, you need to wear peas with the mind.

Loewe, Balenciaga, Rodarte

1. Add a bright accent.

It can be a carelessly tied neck scarf or bandana, handbag, belt or shoes.

Poppy Delevin

Diane Kruger

2. Start small.

If you want to incorporate polka dots into the wardrobe, but you are not ready to wear it from head to toe, then your option is to add “pea” details.

Alexa Chang

Dolce & Gabbana


3. Transparent and airy.

Small peas look the most feminine and sexy on translucent fabrics, which brilliantly proved the fashion house Dior .

4. Add witticisms.

An air dress or feminine blouse / skirt can be counterbalanced by coarse shoes, sports shoes or kazhual style clothing, such as a bomb or jeans.

Kendall Jenner

5. Asymmetry.

Unexpected architectural or asymmetrical cut will make your “peas” as modern as possible.

Olivia Palermo

6. Color to the masses!

Of course, black and white peas are a proven combination, but do not neglect the more juicy alternatives. Or at least as Taylor stop on white + color.

Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez

Alexa Chang

7. Mix the prints.

Peas are perfectly combined with flowers, and with a strip, and with a cage, and … with another pea. The main thing in this business is not to miss with the scale of the print and remember the complementary color combinations.

Emma Stone

Sarah Jessica Parker

Diane Kruger

Hiba Abuk

Are you already “dumbfounded”?

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