Plastic surgery? And here not! Stars that look cool thanks to face-fiction

Are you surprised? We, too! And by the way , domestic and foreign stars have long been aware of this technique and have been practicing it quite successfully. In our selection of famous beauties who have discovered the face-fetnes and since then have been densely  seated” on it .

Vera Brezhneva


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Ex-soloist of  VIA Gry”, TV presenter and actress Vera Brezhneva – a real fanfitness fan! Gymnastics for the face helps her to fight mimic wrinkles and keep the skin toned. Faith regularly engages in face-creations and generally promotes her own philosophy of a healthy lifestyle.

The main thing in the training of the person is regularity. Plan your individual program is possible , taking advantage of our course « the SUPER PERSON “.

Elizaveta Golovanova

The owner of the title  Miss Russia 2012″ Elizaveta Golovanovu in his homeland dubbed Russian Rapunzel.” In addition to luxurious head of hair, the girl can boast of a slim figure and well-groomed face. Of course , at that age in the lines can not complain , but Elizabeth is sure: no matter , how old you are , your facial muscles need to actively strengthen. Recently, the girl tried the technique of a licensed gymnastics coach for her face, Anastasia Burdyug, and was very pleased.

Edita Pieha

Edita Piekha is the idol of the whole generation. Today the singer is 79 years old , but she looks much younger. The secret of the artist in daily studies by face-fire. Advice Edita: technique will work better , if you do not try to mask his face discontent , anger and envy.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gymnastics for the face – in the list of daily practices of the owner of the title of “the most beautiful woman of the planet” Gwyneth Paltrow. A unique technique , according to the actress , helps her to strengthen the muscles around her mouth – and her mimic wrinkles are not afraid!

Jennifer Aniston

A fan of natural beauty , actress Jennifer Aniston admits: to maintain the youthfulness of her face, the facies exercises help . In addition , Jen always follows his emotions , trying to be internally filled , pacified and energetic.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez zealously protects her beauty , so 15-minute exercises in a complex using a mask of yogurt , green tea and honey are included in her mandatory daily program for face care.

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