Crypto currency or digital currency is the invention of the Internet. In fact, someone there thought: “What if we can create a system in which money is not connected with geography, but with the Internet”, and now we have more than 3,000 crypto-currencies.
Not all crypto-currencies are created equal. Some are distinguished by an amazing basic technology. Others – as a joke. Others were part of a complex pyramid scheme. Some are quite useless, because they are perceived as meaningless – any crypto currency is considered as important as it is considered valuable by a lot of users.

The rate of the crypto currency can quickly rise and fall rapidly, as well as happens with other assets (think of shares or property), which makes it very volatile and risky. Therefore, we collected the 10 best digital currencies with a description of the cause of their fame.

For information: the rating was borrowed from the website “CoinGecko”, which deals with the evaluation and development of crypto-currencies, integration and sales. All figures are correct in mid-July 2016.


Storchkoyin x
In July 2014, the Storch platform released Storchkoyin X’s crypto currency. Essentially, Storch is a decentralized database with open sources and an encrypted cloud warehouse that uses tokens (electronic keys) to enable the entry and use of the Storch platform. Currently, the commercial value of the system is about $ 8 million.


Lisk – the crypto currency of the national financing, it is not similar to others, because it positions itself as “the first block crypto-currency with the use of side chains”. The Lisk system, in contrast to the other platforms in this rating (except the Etherium), can be used by any people to form their decentralized “dapps” applications in the Javascript programming language.

Therefore, Lisk is important in practical activities for creating applications and can be used to produce various types of “dapps”, including websites, social networks, online stores and other online services. To date, the commercial value of the system is about $ 25 million.


MaidSafeKoin, equally known as SafeOkin, is a crypto currency for the Safe platform (stands for secure access for all). Is a network of data, great importance is given to security. Calling itself “the Internet as a result of teamwork,” the platform makes it possible to allocate a place on the computer to the network in exchange for money.

Some non-centralized applications now use the “Safe” network for secure data storage. The commercial value of MaedSafeKoin is approximately $ 39 million.


Dash (abbreviation for “digital money”) is a crypto currency with a great emphasis on anonymity (the use of confidentiality methods) and speed (transactions). Previously, it was renamed from Darkcoin to stop being associated with “dark Internet”.

Dash is the eighth-largest company with an estimated commercial value of $ 77 million. Currently, the platform is developing the “Dash Evolution” project, in which it tries to make the crypto currency more user-friendly. You can spend Dash on buying goods using electronic devices.


Initially, Dogkoin was made as a “joke currency,” but after a while he got a serious follow-up. Modeled from the image of a dog from crypto currency memes, released in December 2013 by the programmer Billy Marcus, it is now often used to reward users on forums.

It is also often sent as donations for increased fundraising – for example, the Doge4Water fund collected an amount of thousands of dollars. Currently, Dogkoin has an estimated commercial value of about $ 25 million.


Next on the list is a crypto currency called Ripple. It really is a system of mass settlements in the regime of the present time, the currency exchange and the organization of cash transfers. The Ripple platform was released in 2012 and with a commercial value estimate of $ 243 million was introduced into a number of banks and payment systems in order to reduce costs.


Often, Bitcoin is considered an “anonymous currency,” but this is a misconception. Crypto currency Monero uses the method of ring signatures and pays great attention to the secrecy of information. It is a “protected, anonymous and not monitored” currency.

Monero occupies the fourth place with an estimated commercial value of $ 138 million and in most cases finds application among people who prefer to remain anonymous on the Internet.


In October 2011, a former employee of Google, Charles Lee released Lightcoin as an alternative to Bitcoin. Lightcoin has similarities with Bitcoin in that it can also be earned, used as a currency and paid for goods and services.

The estimated commercial value of Lightcoin is about $ 180 million. This amount is significantly lower than its peak of $ 1.2 billion in 2013.


The ethereum is a decentralized platform that is capable of carrying out “smart contacts” in the peer-to-peer network. Crypto currency for the Etherium is called Ether. As of September 2016 and as a result of the attack on the DAO platform, the Etherium was divided into two: the Etherium (ETH) and the Etheric Classic (ETC).

This platform, developed by Vitalik Buterin and released in July 2015, after a successful mass sale, was sold as “a crypto currency and a platform for non-centralized applications of the future generation.” Its estimated commercial value is $ 1.1 billion.

Peer-to-peer smart contacts are what the Etherium platform is valued, except for crypto currency. This allows people to code and contract without third parties. For example, one of the guides explains how you can set up an intelligent contact for a conference where the organizers can sell tickets, set the maximum number of participants and automatically provide a refund.


All this began with the original crypto currency – Bitcoin. It was coined and published in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamato. To date, Bitcoin has the largest estimate of commercial value – an average of $ 10 billion, this sum covers all other crypto-currencies from this list combined.

Most people think that the crypto currency is Bitcoin. Because he enjoys such a great reputation that all other crypto money is called “altcoins” and refer to Bitcoin’s alternative money.


In addition to this list, there are also newer crypto-currencies having other positive points. There are some that sometimes merge and drop out of this rating, for example, Siacoin and Contapati. Only with the passage of time can you find out whether these currencies remain in the top ten or will be shifted by others.

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