Astro prognosis of astrologer Olga Aristova for a week from October 30 to November 05


October 27, 2017

Monday 30 October

A good day, today more time of appearance and health. And the favorable aspect between a number of planets will help to establish contacts and hold meetings more easily. A good day for solving legal issues, conducting various types of negotiations. Business: contact support for sponsors.

Tuesday October 31

Today, try not to rush and fuss. Do your work, and also take time to practice your favorite business. A number of aspects between the planets will strengthen our creativity and intuition, awaken artistic inspiration and give romantic dreams. This is a good time for creative people. Business: get involved in charity.

Wednesday November 1

For a period of time to 09.43 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Today, the emotional background and anxiety are heightened. Do not provoke the surrounding people and in turn – do not give in to their provocation. Spend the day as calm and relaxed as possible. Business: do the current job.

Thursday November 02

An energetically stressful day, perhaps a strong mood swings. Try not to swear and do not figure out the relationship. Because of the tense aspect between Pluto and the Moon, we will be inclined to criticize and quibble over trifles to surrounding people. Take care of the news of this day, before deciding how to do it, check the information. Business: do not plan important meetings and negotiations.

Friday 03 November

For the period from 06.03 hours to 12.46 hours in Moscow, do not plan important events, meetings, negotiations. This day will help us successfully combine a creative and pragmatic approach to solving all problems. Today we have a lot to communicate with different people, both pleasant and less enjoyable for us. Try to effectively and calmly build a dialogue with them. Business: work with documents.

Saturday November 04

Today, the full moon, increased emotional background and anxiety. In addition, everyone will be more likely than usual to take offense at trifles. Be careful on the roads and behind the wheel. Do yoga and meditation.

Sunday 05 November

For a period of time from 12.29 hours to 13.26 hours in Moscow, do not plan important things, meetings, negotiations. Try not to hurry and find time to be alone with yourself. Today is a great day to give up bad habits.

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