Beauty terrible force: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask


October 17, 2017

In the photo is not another idea of ​​a costume for Halloween – this mask in the style of storm troopers from the “Star Wars” with a violet backlight promises to be a hit of selling a democratic cosmetic brand Neutrogena .

Light Therapy Acne Mask can not be called revolutionary: this technology has been used by cosmetologists for many years. But the main advantages of this device – it can be used at home, it costs less than one trip to a cosmetologist for a similar procedure and, importantly nowadays, a photo in the assault aircraft’s max is charged to husky!

Of course, the home appliance is far from the power of professionals, nevertheless, the principle of action is similar, and even better, let it be smaller than LEDs, but it is stable and always at hand, because bacteria causing acne do not slumber, and to the beautician every other day, few of us can walk.

At one time a beautician from Los Angeles, Shani Darden, started selling Deesse Premium LED Mask to the general public, but the price was quite high – $ 1,800. Of course, stars like Jessica Alba and Courtney Kardashian this did not stop, but even the successful and famous Lena Dunham prefers not to overpay and chooses Neutrogena for $ 39.99.

We already want to test this miracle of technology, and you?

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