Ekkø – the first virtual assistant for brokers and crypto currency

The developer Konstantin Keller introduced the virtual assistant Ekkø with a built-in crypto currency converter. The bot is designed to help you learn the course of the crypto currencyand give answers to the current issues of the crypto-currency world.

Ekkø is able to convert one coin to another, and he is also able to compare the ratings of 79 exchanges, show the history of course changes and interpret terminology. The bot can find out the balance of the bitcoin or Ethereum address, describe the algorithm of the operation of a particular platform, or issue a historical certificate of outstanding figures in the crypto-currency industry. The bot receives information from CryptoCompare, Coinmarketcap, CrunchBase, LinkedIn, Wikipedia and a number of other resources. Onsite bot is invited to familiarize himself with the categories of questions that can be asked to him.

In the near future Ekkø will be able to warn users about price changes, calculate the capitalization ratio of the Crypto currency, show the dynamics of the exchange rate and will support the exchange of crypto currency thanks to the API ShapeShift. You can use it in the browser and in the messenger Telegram, Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Line. Now he supports only English, but in the future the situation is likely to change.

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