Elvira T presents its new provocative single “Muddy”


October 17, 2017

Talented author and singer Elvira T presents her new single “Muddy” . Along with the release of the song, the author’s clip is also released, shot in a new format for Russian video production! In just four minutes we learn the whole truth about the modern youth and its ability to live each day as the last.

We all love to spy on the beautiful life of unattainable stars and bloggers, whose instagrams are full of expensive decorations, chic outfits, restaurants, travel and smoothly “shaved” by a feistyun. But much more strongly in the heart of the photo and video of the remaining 90% of people: friends or strangers to us, but the same as we. And all because, they live the same life as us: they experience the same emotions, live in our regions, communicate with us in one language, create problems, solve them and create them again.

The everyday, but accessible for understanding and close to each story tells Elvira T in the new single and video “Muddy” . In her work Elvira left the use of artistic metaphors, giving preference to the exact transmission of emotion and words.

Therefore, almost anyone, whether it’s a guy or a girl, can recognize themselves in her songs and videos. Scenes “Muddy” could well appear in the insta-story of your tape, and not only because of the most honest, life story and experiences, not the won scenes. “Muddy” – the first in the Russian show business music video, shot in a vertical format for full-screen viewing on a smartphone.

“I alone will not reach you, spend … you too do not love one” Elvira again and again manage to snatch from the life stream words that force us to scroll through all past and present relationships and consider that “this song is about me and only about me” . In some, they cause flashbacks, for others they become a soundtrack to life – not someone else’s, but their own. Not invented, but real.

We watch and appreciate the clip:

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