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The issue of creating an accessible Internet in any part of the world is discussed not the first day. And many companies (including Google and Amazon) offered a lot of solutions in order to translate this idea into reality. Another similar initiative was recently made by Facebook, which together with the aerospace manufacturer Airbus plans to create high-altitude satellite unmanned aerial vehicles (HAPS). And this venture may well be crowned with success.

The fact is that Facebook and Airbus have teamed up not just so, but in order to jointly lobby the International Telecommunication Union to expand the spectrum of frequencies that can be used for high-altitude pseudosatellites. This will help start the process of manufacturing the latest technology, not limited to the current regulations. There is one more reason for the merger of companies: both giants produce autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles operating on solar batteries. In addition, Facebook is interested in occupying the niche of a communications service provider, and Airbus has a huge experience and a park almost ready for this technology. At least ready to start the test runs.

Airbus is already testing drones with the T-tail of Zephyr UAV, and representatives of Facebook have recently announced successful flights of the UAV’s Aquila UAV, powered by solar batteries with a capacity of 5000 watts. Control over the flight is carried out by the dispatching center of 12 people. As the press service of Facebook,

“We teamed up with Airbus to increase the frequency spectrum for high-altitude pseudosatellites, propose amendments to international aviation regulations for their use, and prove that HAPS is perfect for distributing the Internet in hard-to-reach areas. If successful, we will be ready to present the results of cooperation within the framework of the World Radio Communication Conference, which will be held in October 2019. “

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