In the UK will create a business jet with vertical take-off and landing

British developers from Samad Aerospace report, that at the moment are busy creating a business jet Starling Jet with a hybrid engine and the ability to vertically take off and land. According to the engineers, the aircraft will accommodate up to ten passengers and will be able to fully fly at a distance of up to 2,400 kilometers.

Five electric drives will be used for planting, take-offs and small flights within the city limits. For long-distance flights it is proposed to use a diesel turbofan engine. It is assumed that the aircraft will be able to reach speeds of up to 700 kilometers per hour with a full cargo hold and ten passengers on board.

The developers said that when creating their aircraft, they primarily count on very wealthy customers and politicians, but noted that if desired, Starling Jet can be converted into a fairly fast and efficient air transport, which can be useful for carrying out tasks in emergency situations. For example, as a flying ambulance or a truck with essentials.

The first prototype of a plane with vertical take-off was shown by the developers during the Singapore Airshow 2018. But the developers are not expected to submit a fully-prepared device to aircraft before 2024. In addition to the model designed for ten passengers, the startup designers showed several more variations of their aircraft, designed for a smaller number of people.

One of them is the seven-seat e-Starling, capable of developing speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour with a range of 640 kilometers. Such a device will cost cheaper than the older model, and it is planned to release it for a couple of years earlier. The tests will begin next year. Prices and equipment will be announced later.

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