The first review of the DJI Inspire 2

On the review in “The Miracle of Engineering” one of the most expensive and thought out quadrocopters is DJI Inspire 2. Like the first version of the drone, this novelty is made for professionals and differs from Inspire 1 by many improvements and improvements.

Our first impressions of DJI Inspire 2 and the story of a professional pilot – Ruslan Prokhorov of the Newscopter project – about the new drone:

Here are some examples of shooting the DJI Inspire 2 in the Full HD format: [19659002]

Inspire 2 is equipped with two batteries – this allows the drone Be in the air for 20 minutes. Also in the new version there is built-in battery warm-up: when the copter realizes that there is a minus temperature on the street, he automatically activates this function. Heating also allows the drone to confidently climb to a high altitude – up to 5 km.

The flight speed of the Inspire 2 is 96 kilometers per hour (although in the test samples it reached 108 km / h). Drone is equipped with a removable 480 GB SSD-drive, a front-facing camera and several sensors that allow the drone to automatically avoid collisions with obstacles.

As for the main camera – here the matrix is ​​one inch in size, the resolution is 20 megapixels and the lens is 23 mm. If desired, users can install the Zenmuse X5S camera with more features on the Inspire 2.

Copter also supports the new image processing system CineCore 2.0. Thanks to her, the drone can shoot video in 5.2K format with a bitrate of 4.2 Gbit / s.

Buy DJI Inspire 2 in Russia it will be possible for about 530 000 rubles for the version in the minimal configuration.

Thanks to the guys from for help in organizing the shooting!

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