Guests of the Dasha Gauser show at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia


October 24, 2017

The new collection Dashi Gauser “Organic” is a story about the pain and beauty of life, about a holiday that is born when you find the strength to see and accept in itself all that is considered to be a deviation. The show can be compared with a kind of “state parade” in which the role of emotions is played by dresses and costumes designed by Dasha Gauser .

“The collection has bright color solutions and dark contrasts, flowing lines and sharp forms, gloss and matte textures. In working on “ORGANIC” the main thing for me was to make sure that the collection looked alive. And she could not get monotonous. I wanted to convey the variety of states and emotions that a person can live at different times. From deep depression and panic to a sense of awakening and total harmony. Each dress is a new state. This is a story about how I personally live this or that state. To be sincere in what you feel is for me an organic. And my collection is my organic “– comments the designer.

The colors, fabrics and decor of the dresses were chosen by Dasha so that each item of the collection touched the audience “for a living” and aroused a personal inner response. Flowing lines, interesting cut and shine in the decor make the dresses from the collection “mobile” and dynamic. They seem to breathe and live their lives, reacting to the impulses of the body models, the impact of airflows and reflecting the light of the soffits. Color solutions literally hypnotize: a combination of indigo and ash-blue is supplemented with metallic luster, emerald gold, and trendy pink – with the color of Tiffany .

Among the guests of the show were noticed:

Evgeniya Malakhova

Alisa Tolkacheva

Armen Yeritsyan

Malena Mayakovskaya


Olga Zaitseva

Snezhina Kulova

Alexander Rogov

Constantine and Olga Andricopoulos

Catherine Drobysh

Dasha Gauser and Yuri Stolyarov

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