In China, began selling electric car for 6 thousand dollars

General Motors, Wuling Automobile and SAIC Motor Corporation founded a
joint venture in China several years ago to produce cars. Recently, a city electric car came down from the assembly line at a cost of only $ 5.6 thousand, which after a few months began to sell throughout China, – reports Electrek. The double electric car is called the Baojun E100, and it looks like it has every chance of becoming the most affordable auto with electric drive in the Middle Kingdom.

In fact, the price tag from region to region will vary from 5.6 to 9.3 thousand dollars. The difference in price is due to the size of regional subsidies – in those provinces where authorities pay special attention to transport with zero emissions, it will be much cheaper.

Baojun E100 turned out very small, but nimble. The electromobile, 1.5 meters in width and 1.6 in height, is equipped with a small electric motor with a capacity of 29 kW, which allows it to drive about 155 km on one charge – it is very good for city residents, usually getting to their cars to work, to the store and home.

The car began to be promoted already last year – experimental sales at a record low price started in the city of Liuzhou – there for five months it was possible to sell more than eleven thousand electromobiles at a price of 5,6 thousand dollars. Now, when the manufacturer has studied all the pros and cons, it was decided to start full-fledged car sales in other regions where the price tag of the car will vary, but in any case will not exceed 9.3 thousand dollars. The demand for a car certainly could be increased, start an auto concern to sell Baojun E100 abroad, but no, the manufacturer is not going to sell it outside of China.

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