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20 October 2017

A little more than a week left before the most terrible, but at the same time, very cheerful holiday under the name Helluin and we are already actively preparing to meet him fully armed. This month we discussed the chilling manicure for those who have strong nerves and lack of insectophobia, and creative ideas for costumes based on their favorite films and serials, and even found something in the beauty sphere, which may well go down for the very the original image at the upcoming party.

Nevertheless, today we would like to talk on a children’s theme, because children are always ready to support any holiday, especially one that you can come up with a costume, get as much candy and tell each other horror stories at night. In order to please yourself and your family, we suggest you not to skimp on the decorative elements and culinary component of the celebration, and then your child will perceive monsters and ghosts only from a positive point of view.

For inspiration, we go to the account @handmadecharlotte where many interesting things have already appeared on the topic Helluin and we are sure that there will be even more:

Merry weekend to you, friends!

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