Musical impulse with the soloist of the rock band “Fly!” Polina Novikova


19 October 2017

Polina started in the cinema: she composed and performed the song “You lose your way” which became the soundtrack to the film “To the children up to 16 “and also recorded the title track for the series ” Such an ordinary life “.

By 2013 Polina finally decided to pursue a career in the musical field, that’s when the final composition of the band “Fly!” Was formed . The collective began with a career in the cult Moscow club “16 Tons” whose visitors appreciated the musical style and unique energy of the band.

In September 2017, the group “To Fly!” received the award of the channel Russian Music Box in the nomination “Breakthrough of the Year” . Presentation of the coveted statuette was a landmark event in their career. Polina Novikova and the members of the collective are not going to stop on the achieved, in the creative plans of the band “Fly!” solo concerts and numerous shootings, and we can only wish the group of creative achievements and see what Polina has prepared for the I-GENCY.RU today:

1. Ringtone, who is right on the phone now

The usual iPhone ringtone

2. The most annoying hit

Natalie – Oh my God, what a man!

3. Song on any mood

Oasis – Champagne Supernova

4. The ideal song for karaoke

Bi-2 & Brainstorm – Slippery streets

Back to black Amy winehouse

5. The concert that you recently visited and the concert you want to go to

Zemfira – The Little Man

I want to go to the Rolling Stones. Coldplay. Leningrad

6. Top 5 favorite tracks

Honne – It Is Not Wrong Loving You ft. House Gospel Choir | Mahogany Session

Coldplay – Fix You

The Rolling Stones – Streets Of Love

The Black Keys – Weight of Love

GEORGE BENSON – The Greatest Love Of All

Love music and comment on the choice of our heroes!

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